CSEO will use the URLs provided by you (the client) for the purpose of our search engine optimization and social media marketing services. These outsourced search engine optimization and social media marketing services will take place in the form of the method selected by the client via an ecommerce sale or sign up to a subscription; or as agreed between a member of the CSEO staff and the client via email or other digital communication.

While we typically see inbound links begin to appear within one or two weeks, we cannot guarantee the quantity and/or timeline of links being picked up by the search engines. Please keep in mind that it can take weeks or even months for a search engine to naturally spider and index each page containing the newly placed inbound links to the destination site.

By using the services of CSEO you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions and further agree that our services are for the purpose of attempting to obtain inbound links and to hold harmless CSEO for any and all issues resulting from the use of our services. We are not in control of Google’s algorithm update process and you should be aware of the uncertainty surrounding manipulation of search engine algorithms.