SEO case studies

Local SEO case studies

SerpBook Screenshot

Despite having offices in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, construction experts Conkor weren’t showing up in Google’s local search results. Organic traffic was at dismal 19 unique visits per month.

Conkor needed for a long-term solution that would be the most cost-effective for their limited budget.

30998 Traffic

Mobile Home Insurance(MHI) came to us because they were struggling to bring in new business with only 23 visits a month from organic traffic. The business covers 42 states in the US and it was important to show up in relevant local searches for each state.

Ecommerce SEO case studies

Ahrefs Ending Traffic for MeetSkip

Meetskip is a free online chat room platform that connects users at random and monetizes traffic through ads. But the site was ranking low in search engines and the organic traffic (and ad revenue) was poor.

Ranking high for critical keywords was vital if they wanted to grow their user base and ad income.

semrush traffic for cssprepay

CSS Prepay builds and implements prepaid debit cards for businesses across multiple currencies. They were getting a dismal 17 organic visits per month, severely impacting their ability to bring in new leads.