Local SEO services can help more customers find you online

Pop up on Google’s first page where people need you most with CSEO’s local SEO Service.

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A competitive edge that brings customers who need you knocking at your door

Get on the first page of search results when someone is looking for a business or service like yours in their area. Local SEO services show Google where your business is, what you do, and how much your customers like and trust you.

No matter how often people search for your services, they won’t find you if your local SEO is not optimized.

How your customers use the internet to find you

When you type in something like “dental office near me”, Google displays the top three search results via maps. Getting you onto that list is called local SERP optimization.

Clicking on your listing brings up your Google My Business (GMB) profile on Google Maps with your address, phone number, photos, and reviews.

If your GMB profile isn’t optimized, you won’t show up in local SERPs and people won’t find you online.

Local SEO search results

3 Ways To Rank

Proximity SEO


How close your business is to the person looking for you

Relevance SEO


How relevant your business is to their query

Prominence SEO


How customers rated and reviewed your business

This is where your crazy growth story starts

Optimize your online presence and show up on local searches. Make sure you stay on Google’s good side with high-quality articles and relevant backlinks, so you can keep on growing.

  • Get more customers
  • Build your online brand
  • Show up on local searches
  • Get more foot traffic
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The CSEO RankUp Process

How we get you to the top of the search results.


1. On-Site and Google My Business (GMB)

Subtle but important changes to your website that tell Google what your business is all about

Keyword Research SEO

2. Keyword Research & Selection

Includes buyer persona creation, competitor analysis and keyword selection


3. Content and Guest Blogging

High quality 750+ word articles posted on sites with good Domain Authority


4. Monthly Reports

A top-level view of your rankings, traffic, link acquisition and ongoing consultation


5. Link Diversity and Reputation

Quality, cost-effective citation building that tell Google Maps what your business is all about


6. Directories and Social Media

Links in local online directories and monthly social media chatter

We’ll work to get you on the same page

SEO services can feel a bit… Mysterious. But this isn’t a blind date, this is your business, and you want to know what you’re signing up for before you pay the bill.

You can ask your most burning questions in your consultation and learn how we’ll get your SEO sorted and off your to-do list.

See how local search works for small businesses

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Money-Back Guarantee

We truly care about your campaign. And we’re putting some skin in the game to prove it.

A lot of so-called experts out there are all talk and no results. CSEO operates on the basis of trust, respect, and good old-fashioned honor. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to keep you happy. If you ever think we’ve dropped the ball, we’ll give you a full refund for the month’s services.


If you need to discuss a particular challenge, book a free consultation by clicking here

How long does local SEO take to start working?

The number of keywords ranges from 25 to unlimited depending on your plan and needs.

Will your service work on my city?

CSEO is a remote company that services clients all over the world. We can help you optimize for any city or neighborhood in the world.

What’s the direct result of local SEO for my business?

Local SEO means that people looking for your services or products can find you. You’ll get more inquiries and more people who need your business through your door.

How much will your local SEO service cost me?

CSEO’s local SEO services start from $699 a month and scale up depending on your goals, website size and other factors.

Why choose CSEO’s local SEO service?

We’re all about providing value, keeping the channels of communication wide open, and getting you to the top of the page. Unlike cheap link-buying SEO services, we pride ourselves on creating quality content and getting backlinks from sites with good domain authority and relevancy. Hop on a consult call with us to find out more.

What type of content will you write for me?

Our SEO content strategy focuses on link diversity and quality over quantity. We’ll write NAP citations, guest blogs, social media posts, press releases, and answer relevant questions on websites like Quora.

What kind of support do you provide?

We are available by email 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. We respond to help requests in one business day or less. If you feel you need a little more insight into your SEO campaign, you can set up a live call with Eduardo once a month for free.