What if your ugly website is holding back your marketing efforts?

Last week’s Whiteboard Friday video from our friends at Moz.com really caught my attention both as a webmaster as well as a passionate SEO service provider.

It is certainly a very interesting topic in which some of us might feel uncomfortably familiar.

In case you haven’t watched the video I’m referring to, you can watch it below and then continuing reading this post: https://moz.com/blog/ugly-website-holding-back-marketing-efforts-whiteboard-friday

Video summary:

In a way, we often treat our websites like our children. No matter how awful they might be, we rationalize their behavior and tell everyone else how wonderful they are. Those blinders can stop marketing efforts before they even begin. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand shows us how to remove the blindfold and make objective decisions to move our businesses forward.

Eduardo’s point of view

Very often I find myself with business people planning to only push more traffic to their website with minimum thought for how visitors are interacting with their website, but rather concentrated solely on the Google position.

Let me tell you something, these people are very likely to be losing a good amount of potential sales and clients. Just think from your perspective when you’re for example, buying a determined software.

Would you buy a software from a company that has a beautiful modern design or a company that has an ugly, 00s website? It’s sometimes just a matter of common sense.

Specially in technology-related niches, the “feel” of a certain website design is an important factor to take in count as a buyer. Here, it applies the principle of “The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot” proverb.

old website design vs new website design

If a website’s design feels outdated and very poor, it might be scaring some of your potential customers away.

On the other hand, if a website’s design is in fact very appealing and feels good and pleasant to use, it might leave a positive impact on your potential clients which will serve as an additional encourage for them to purchase your service, product, or whatever it is that you’re selling.

By keeping this is mind and applying it, you are very likely to obtain a higher conversion ratio and take one step forward into making the most out of your visitors.

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