Link Building Tips: 5 essential hacks to get it right (#3 Is CRUCIAL)

If you apply all these link building tips you’re about to read; you will significantly change the way Google perceives your site.

Not only that: these tips are proven to cause extraordinary ranking improvements.

Sounds good?

Let’s begin!

1. Getting on-site SEO right

On-page SEO is definitely on the top of this list simply because many, many people often sub-estimate how crucial it is for ranking successfully any website, as well as the complexity behind an optimal on-page SEO (also called this way).

On-site SEO: Importance

No matter how expensive or how elaborated a link building service might be, it will not provide substantial outcomes unless you have a quality on-site SEO applied to your page.

Before buying any link building service, I’d suggest you check your on-site SEO and make sure it’s perfect to get the most out of any backlink building service you buy in the future.

On-site SEO: Complexity

On-page SEO isn’t just mentioning your keyword a couple of times within your content.

Neither it’s just about keyword density like most of the people think.

It involves much more than that. Some of the most important on-site SEO factors are:

  • Include the keyword in the title tag.
  • Include the keyword in the URL.
  • Include the keyword in a picture alt text.
  • Include the keyword many times throughout text information (keep it natural, don’t over-optimize).
  • Offer quality and unique content in regards to a given topic/keyword.
  • Link back once again to its category/section page (if applicable)
  • Link back to the home page (This is usually achieved by having an image link displaying the website emblem on the top left of the page).
  • Contain 400+ words of content.

For more in-depth information about on-site SEO best practices we recommend you to visit this Moz article:

2. What is the best strategy with anchor diversity?

Usually a ratio within 7:3 and 5:5 ratio of non-targeted:targeted anchor text would be a reasonable frame of reference for emulating a ‘normal’ link profile.

That being said, the final decision is always up to you.

It is important to highlight that we’ve never had trouble using 100% targeted anchor texts for some clients, due to the high quality of our tier 1 links.

3. How many keywords should I target?

This depends solely on your keyword’s competition.

If you’re going for difficult, high competition keywords, I’d recommend to limit yourself to 1 keyword per link building campaign (plus a set of non-targeted keywords to create a natural-looking link profile).

On the other hand, if you’re going for low competition keywords, then I’d recommend targeting no more than 5 per URL/campaign.

Surpassing this number will diversify the link building campaign to so many keywords that it will not be as effective as we intended it to be. Keyword research is critical here.

4. Should I include non-targeted anchors like “click here” when ordering?

If you wish to emulate a “normal” link profile, then yes.

This is especially important if you’re planning to use our SEO link building service for a new or relatively new website.

UPDATE: To comply with SEO best practices and guarantee a safe SEO service, we now include generic anchors on every order.

5. Ranked #1, now what?

Keep in mind that link building is essential even after you have achieved your desired rankings.

If you stop building quality links to your site, eventually (usually within a couple of months), it will start to climb down the SERP.

We have plenty of customers who subscribe to our quality link building service now and then.

This is a very healthy practice for those who want to rank for a particular keyword in the long-term and secure their hard-earned rankings.

No matter which service you choose, make sure new links are pointing to your site every month to maintain your well-deserved rankings.

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