Goodbye Seolinkcafe, Hello CSEO!

For the last 3 years, the Seolinkcafe team has been working relentlessly to help our client’s achieve their SEO and online marketing goals. Today, that ambitious objective is going to expand furthermore with the new innovations we have prepared. As a symbolic representation of these changes, we have decided that it was the perfect time to refresh our brand and acquire a premium domain name. Along with several new features I will explain below, we will also change our name from (SEOLinkCafe) to (CSEO).
Table of Contents

What’s new

1. Link Pyramid V3

Our new, enhanced Link Pyramid v3 service is meant to be an All-In-One, set & forget link building solution. Featuring new properties such as a PBN, guest posts, manually-written content, WordPress blogs, Tumblr blogs, video links & many more, our service is now more powerful than ever before! No longer you will have to buy several SEO services to get ranked. Depending on your selected keyword(s), the suggested Link Pyramid package can and will get you to the top spots in Google! SEO, and specially link building, is meant to be a continual work. Therefore, this new Link Pyramid structure is designed to become a monthly subscription, the one and only link building subscription you will ever need.

2. 7-day free trial

Along with our new subscription-focused service, we will provide a no risk, no obligation 7-day free trial for all our packages. All the risk is on us, not you! Within this free trial period you should expect us to work as we normally do, meaning you will start to receive backlinks without spending a dime! We’re so confident that you’ll love using our service that if you don’t love it for any reason, you’re free to cancel at any time, even within the trial period.

3. New on-page SEO audit

Our on-page analysis report is now included for free in every package (Gold, Silver & Bronze). Within the first 4 days of subscription, you will receive our upgraded on-page SEO audit report. Inside, you’ll find very detailed, easy-to-follow suggestions on how to improve your website’s coding in order to properly optimize it for your targeted keyword(s). If you’re not familiar with coding, simply get in touch with us and we’ll give you a hand!

4. Free rank tracking

Exclusively for our Gold package Now included for free in every package, we will setup an account for you to track your ranking improvements on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). You will gain access to charts & different insights of your ranking fluctuations as well!

5. What will happen to the current ongoing subscriptions?

All current ongoing subscriptions will continue uninterruptedly. On the subsequent renewal, they will be upgraded for FREE to our new Link Pyramid V3. In other words, as long as you honor your subscription, you will benefit from the new Link Pyramid V3 features while maintaining the old price from the Link Pyramid V2!

6. What will happen to my account at

We will migrate all the data from the user area, meaning all the exact same information you see on Seolinkcafe’s “My Account” page, you will be able to see it on CSEO’s “My Account” page.

7. Plans for the upcoming years

– Include keyword research & keyword consultation

Keyword research is often a tricky subject. There’s a lot of misinformation around the web and it’s easy to get confused. However, providing keyword guidance is also tricky for us, since not many people take it well when you tell them they have been doing it wrong, and that they will probably not rank for generic keywords with 200,000+ monthly searches, e.g. “shoes”. Instead, we highly recommend to target “long-tail” keywords, as they’re feasible goals within the reach of individuals, small & medium sized businesses. It is proven that long-tail keywords often convert much better and are less complicated to rank for. Following the example of “shoes”, someone searching for “best price on Air Jordan size 12” practically has their wallet out! (source). We’re currently working on a procedure to include keyword research & consultation within our monthly SEO service, as well as a standalone service.

– Introduce a new, improved referral program

We previously had a referral program managed in-house, which didn’t live up to the expectations. We now officially closed it, in favor of preparing something much better.

– Include free rank tracking to all packages

No matter how much we’d like to include free rank tracking for all packages, it is cost-prohibitive for us to include it on our smaller plans. That being said, we’re currently working on finding an alternative which will let us offer this great perk for all our packages. Stay tuned! Update: Free rank tracking is now included on all packages (Gold, Silver & Bronze).

– Adapt to future SEO practices

One of our main challenges is to stay up-to-date with all the Google algorithms updates. Being providing SEO services for almost 3 years, we understand how vital it is to stay current. Rest assured, we will continue to work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of the SEO game.

9. Social profiles

Along with our new domain name, we also have brand new social accounts:

Final words

Generally, with any change of this significance, at first there might be some bugs here and there. We would like to kindly ask you for your patience and cooperation as we perform any necessary corrections to our website and social accounts. If you see something broken or not working as it should, please let us know through our contact page. Seolinkcafe was very special, and CSEO, with your feedback & support, will become something even more special. All the best, Eduardo Carreras CEO of Seolinkcafe CSEO

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