Domain Authority, the new way to judge a website?

We’ve all heard about Google’s PageRank and used it to determine the importance of a web page, but it seems like they will be something of the past real soon.

When it comes to web metrics, Moz Domain Authority is the new king.

Moz Domain Authority

Moz LogoMoz is a software as a service (SaaS) company that has found its way of ranking websites to determine their level of authority as well as their importance and how they stack up against other websites that are in the same field and similar to theirs.

With all of the comparisons and judgments you’d think it would be hard for any website to remain true to itself and outshine another site because of its unique qualities.

Moz has developed their own parameters for gauging how well they think a particular website will do in their rankings based on search engine findings. They have formed their own calculation factoring in things such as the total number of links that a website has, MozTrust, MozRank and the main domains that are linked to the site.

They have put their calculations up against the algorithm that is Google’s way of putting sites in order.

There are more than 40 different signals that Moz uses to come up with your Domain Authority number.

It is a flexible and ongoing determination that will be ever-changing as the factors change.

The Domain Authority score is based on a total number of 100 points.

It is easier to move up the ladder when you are at the bottom of the scale than when you are starting to hit the more competitive numbers.

What can you do to improve your Moz Domain Authority?

First you need to see where you stand on the Domain Authority scale.

You can find your particular numbers on the Moz website under the MozBar. This is a toolbar that monitors your Domain Authority score.

Mozbar – SEO toolbar for Chrome and Firefox

Because there are so many different factors that make up your Domain Authority score just changing one thing is not going to make a big difference.

Instead of trying to make a number of quick fixes you should instead focus on the entire experience that your website provides for its audience. The higher the overall quality the more people will like your site and feel excited about sharing it with other people.

Become more sociable

Social Media LogotypesOnce you know your Domain Authority score you at least have a base to work from.

The first thing that you can do that will produce a ripple effect in a positive manner is become more involved on all of the social media sites.

If you are just a random Facebook user become more of an active user. Increase your conversations online here as well as on Twitter. It is equally important to listen to your audience as it is to let them become familiar with your viewpoints.

You have access to billions of users around the world and you can reach them in a matter of seconds. It’s free to use and when you incorporate creative techniques it could possibly become one of the most important and quickest way that you can increase your Domain Authority score.

All you have to do is consider how many videos, situations, even individual people have become viral sensations overnight.

Make sure you have an active Facebook page and a Twitter profile. Use them daily.

Start spreading the word with interesting guest posts

Guest bloggingQuality content is what it is all about.

If you have a way of writing clear, imaginative, and interesting content you can spread the word about your site by adding guest posts to sites that are in the same field as yours.

When you submit good solid copy and create a reason for people to respond and seek out your site as well you have done your job.

Make sure that you post your blogs to sites that have powerful bloggers onboard as well.

When you can hook into the sites where some of the best of the best are voicing their opinions you will be tapping into a high quality area that will reward you with some strong backlinks to your site.

Quality over quantity

Quality not quanitityThe good news is you get to focus your attention on strong SEO content and quality links.

It will take the same amount of effort to go after powerful links as it will to go for a lower quality link. Not only will it not add to your Domain Authority it could actually detract from your score.

Don’t look at it as being a website snob, look at it as surrounding yourself with people who take as much pride and care of their website as you do.

Surround yourself with high quality sites and they will challenge you to be better. Lower quality links will just take up space that a higher ranking link could be moving into.

Be true to yourself, make your website something that reveals your unique personality and focus on quality in everything you do. You will see results much faster this way than focusing on numbers alone.

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