CSEO V2: Major service update with 5 powerful upgrades

As SEO evolves over the years, so does our link building service. Today we make a giant step forward by launching an improved version of our popular monthly link building service. CSEO v2 sets a new standard for what is already one of the most popular marketplace threads on BHW.

1. More handwritten content.

The new version comes with a foundational change on how we create the content for your SEO campaigns. All your tier 1 backlinks are now fuelled exclusively with handwritten, well-researched and relevant content. The result? beautiful-looking backlinks that are guaranteed to live longer and pass on MUCH more link juice.

2. Less links. More link juice.

Say goodbye to GSA-like links for your tier 1. SEO today is all about quality, not quantity. With CSEO v2 your get less backlinks each month, but each one of them packs more link juice than ever before. We rely on big brand editorial links, authority guest posting, Quora replies and many other authoritative sources to nourish the most powerful and relevant set of backlinks you’ve ever seen.

3. Social signals. Better in multiple ways.

Our upgraded set of social media signals creates a virtual buzz around your site, helping you grow your online visibility and brand awareness. Your new social signals also help to unlock even better ranking positions by covering a much wider range of platforms, ensuring a stronger SEO impact.

4. Updated plans that best suits your needs.

From one-man startups to established businesses and resellers, CSEO v2 has a plan that fits. The brand-new Elite plan provides top-of-the-line performance catered specifically for ambitious businesses and demanding keywords. The Gold plan is an all-around plan for your growing website, great for a handful of moderate-competition keywords. The Bronze plan is a neat and tidy option for a couple of very low competition keywords. For those who want to maintain their hard-earned rankings without paying top-dollar for it, It also does a great job as a “rank shield”.

5. 60-day rank increase or your money back.

In the very unlikely case your rankings don’t improve in 60 days, we’ll refund you completely. As simple as that. For the skeptics out there, there’s proof in our BHW thread that we’ve honored our guarantee a few times before. Feel free to verify, we stand behind our words. We do not however, guarantee #1 rankings or anything similar. These kind of guarantees are bogus, and even Google’s guidelines warn against such claims.


At CSEO we’ve been working very hard the past ~5 months waiting for this day to happen. Every single update and modification was made with the same mindset: increase your website traffic and conversions with SEO link building — done the right way. With additional handwritten content, more link juice, better social signals, and a new set of flexible plans, our improved link building service is a major step up in the ever-changing SEO game.

Full list of updates:

  • 100% handwritten content. No more scraped content for Tier 1s.
  • More handwritten articles/posts on each plan.
  • New premium editorial backlinks.
  • New Medium.com guest post.
  • New Weebly.com post.
  • New Quora replies backlinks.
  • Less web 2.0s. More link juice per link.
  • Less social bookmarks. More link juice per link.
  • Removed social network profiles from tier 1.
  • Removed microblogging posts from tier 1.
  • Improved social signals.
  • Brand-new Elite plan.
  • Updated Gold plan’s features.
  • Updated Bronze plan’s features.

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