8 ultimate tips you should know about SEO and Social Media

As online marketers, many people are just trying to understand the rules and procedures that best take them to successful SEO, in whatever their websites and platforms are. Some people oversee how SEO and social media are related.

seo and social media

After so many research and online work, experts in the area have determined that there are basically three pillars that hold SEO performance today:

  1. the quality and quantity of the content,
  2. the management of the links,
  3. and the introduction and optimization of the available social media.

Are you lacking of solid base o-n these three items? …Houston, we have a problem!

Many people have left out the benefits of SEO and social media performance, and this is a wrong behavior.

Social Media

Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, has said that “likes and retweets” should be taken more seriously as elements to get better results in SEO.

Then here you have a little list of important things to consider in SEO and social media relationship:

1.   It is not the presence but how present we are on the web for SEO and social media 

It is not only important to have a spot filled with content to boost up rankings in search engines. In social media, as with the many users there are, again simple presence will never be enough.

Yes! Great content is highly important on the web but, significant activity and engagement to it as often as possible will lead to increased visibility and links.

As online marketer this is what you are looking for since these links, abundant in social media platforms, will for sure lead to a higher rank over time.

2.   Followers must be earned and organic

Do not go crazy about having followers just for having them.

True: The amounts of followers, connections, and influencers within your social media platforms have a notorious upward effect on your SEO rankings.

Social media is all about how many people see you, and that later on is transferred into efficient traffic, positive rankings and profits.

Over time, SEO has proven to be a lot more efficient on certain patterns. The attraction of audiences must be earned, not bought.

Online marketers will need to build their following structures organically, trial and error have demonstrated that this a slow but very effective SEO process.

3.   Backlinks, perfect for SEO, are abundant in social media

A backlink is a page that links to any other page. Backlinks, easy to find in big numbers in social media, have always been major metrics for the ranking of a webpage, with little changes in time.

When a page has a lot of backlinks, it tends to rank higher on all major SE like including Google. in the past, any type of backlink would have been taken as accountable and important, here is where they have changed a bit.

Today, the backlinks that can be accounted as actually positive are those from relevant and related sites with useful and appealing content.

Social media is an excellent platform to make any content get organic links from other sites. This hence results in natural higher rank in search engines.

The goal of online marketer should be to create links to individual posts/pages that end in their homepage; referral traffic resulting from this “backlinking” is very positive in SEO.

4.   SMO is also very important

Social Media Optimization, or SMO, is extremely important. Once you have seen all the benefits that social media offers to SEO, working hard on the optimization of your social media is then the key factor to get the best out of them.

5.   Content is vital in SEO and social media

Ok, you may be having a logical comment up to now, ¿is there any owner manual for all of these to be done?

The answer… No.

seo and social media

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the production and attractive posting of unique and engaging content tend to be a big challenge for most online marketers. There’s a big need of discipline when it comes to content creation.

There is no limitation of the input any marketer can upload in social media. Relevancy, attractive display, use, and variety of the content are some characteristics that have to be thought about.

6.   Google and social media have a flirtatious relationship

Any tweet, Facebook comment, and/or Instagram image could be found in search results. Google has the sufficient tracking power to do so, and this is why SEO and social media work well together.

The behavior in ranks, as well as the instant climb from page 100 to page 1, can be simply achieved with the right use of social media and the way users see it.

7.   Relevant content linking… Oh boy yes!

Social media has a solid image, and hence a strong interaction, among website users. In the past, this was not as evident as it is now and therefore the introduction of social media in the SEO is relatively new.

The content of social media cannot be measured or counted, but what can be done is selected on your SEO benefit. Share on X

A wise selection of the content in social media that suits any page that is been done SEO is very important. If you are selling fish but you are linking to spare car parts, then all of your SEO will be a big flop.

Connect to relevant and “complementary” content to your market and then the benefits will be very notorious.

8.   Easy to tracking tools mean improvement

Social media can be easily monitored and tracked. Any online marketer that knows how to manage well their social media (or that has a manager who is helping with this) will see that every part of the SEO job can be qualified and quantified in its result.

Not being able to monitor results will make you walk blind; avoid this introducing social media as much as you can in the SEO to your website.

Step on the results you see to improve on your own weaknesses or grow higher on your success.


To summarize, SEO is definitely married to social media in terms of how good their relationship is. Not getting to see this will prevent anyone from using such a powerful tool in the development of a website.

Start having many “thumbs ups” and see success in your path. With the use of social media the popularity of your website in the rankings will come in no time.

As an “SEOer”, have a happy social media experience!

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