The 5 tips that will make you see the benefits of SEO

We evidently live in the era of digital devices and electronics. The fact that computers and an internet connection makes most of our lives today is basically the reason why online platforms are so solid as to make business in it. Here is then where the marketers and online business people see the benefits of SEO.

SEO has turned to be a critical factor for driving website traffic. It has been as evident as for some websites that when their content and elements are not properly optimized then they probably have an incredibly difficult time attracting traffic.

Our paths and digital landscape have dramatically changed over the past few years, and SEO is still an effective and very important marketing strategy to boost it all.

While there are many benefits resulting from a good SEO strategy, here you have some 5 to help you understand (or remember!) the benefits of SEO.

1.   The next best thing about proper optimization is the boost it gives to the users’ experience

benefits of SEO

The experience the users have when enter in a website is a pivotal element among the factors that affect ranking. Click To Tweet

Basically, the elements that search engines are looking for are mobile-friendly designs, good user signals from their activities in the site, and good integration of the site’s components (relevant connection between photos and videos and the site’s content).

SEO is a great tool to know how to do in order to make the experience of the users in a site a good one as much as to positively and significantly cause an effect in the ranking of the website. It all translates in higher conversion rates, more trust, and increased brand loyalty.

2.   As a marketer you should know that the benefits in SEO are effective digital marketing tools

Big reputable companies have concluded that marketers who are using the benefits of SEO in their online methods and strategies are finding it very effective and/or effective in 60%.

This is actually the source we have to go to so we can prove how efficient is SEO performance in a site. The next element to pay attention to is how much of that efficiency leads to real customers that consume or buy the product being offered.

Google has said that 50% of consumers who perform a local search in a SE, most of the time from a mobile device, also visited the real store that same day.

SEO then hits the target, with a good campaign even for electronic devices, the user likes what is offered and stays searching in the site, and then the search ends up in actual sale.

3.   It has to be good, as your competitors are doing it too

benefits of SEO

“When in Rome, do as romans do!” that is what they say, and in SEO it applies perfectly.

As the benefits of SEO gains ground in an evident rising field, most of marketers have seen in it the perfect way to see their sites improve and go in the right track. As it is evident how much the big names and sites trust in SEO performance (with also evident results) small sites have to follow the good example.

As a person running an online business, it is also very important to manage the best tools there are to make the site you are running be the best ever possible.

If big and successful brands are doing SEO and having great results, why would you not take “the free advice” and do the same?

Think about this, even offers great services and/or prices, hiring a skillful SEO company and investing in professional SEO Staff is just what your company needs to outstand above any competitor.

Google rankings may be something difficult to hit alone, but by the hand of people who know more about it is what any website needs to have a successful life.

4.   SEO will make your site stand out among the millions of sites there are!

It has been proven that only 60% of clicks go to the first SERP. This means that about 40% of traffic is left for the rest of the results through the millionth there are for specific keywords. If only there was a way to secure that top spot on Google… Wait! There is a way… SEO!

Do the math yourself and get some interesting numbers about websites and the internet:

More than 250 million websites are available on the web for any user to look for. All of those users do not go further the first SERP when they are looking for something. Rankings and SERPs hold the first 10 to 15 sites in a search. How difficult could it be to get to the top in a SERP? Not difficult at all with the proper SEO!

It tends to be kind of hard to make a name on our own. Even more when there are many big names out there.

As it may sound contradictory, this whole thing tends to be harder with highly competitive brands. Hiring the right SEO will make your brand stand out easily. SEO can be the boost that you as a marketer need to see sales go through the roof.

5.   Higher Brand Credibility, People Trust Google

People think that Google is a reliable search engine, not in vain it is the most used SE worldwide. And the next thing that people trust more than Google as an SE is that site that is among the first ten in the listing from a search result.

Users see that the top list in the SERP makes the most reputable companies, and being there means to be the page to compete with.

SEO and all of the tasks it has involved can make a site be in the spot, hit the top ten list in a SERP. The opposite would be people being skeptical about your website, when you are further down in the list, avoid it with the benefits of SEO.

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