5 considerations to make you see why SEO takes time

The expectations from the results of SEO, when a site is starting to perform its job are very high. Right and efficient traffic that can be converted in sales are virtually what a marketer wants, then for this, clam down, because SEO takes time.

Marketers are looking forward to seeing the results of SEO and at times, they do not know there is not a specific period of time to see the results of SEO in our bank accounts!

How much time it takes for SEO to start showing the results?, it all varies from site to site and also the SEO company that does the job.

Many are the factors that determine how fast your SEO efforts will start delivering results. For those who have a new website, if the domain name is also brand new and there is some good fresh content without any business history then patience should be the best friend at the waiting for the first SEO results.

If you want a round number then six months would be a good one before you see results, but as every site is different only in the practice is when things can be accounted.

The many SEO companies there are worldwide have their estimations about the time that their SEO performance could start delivering results, but nobody could say a rigid number.

Commonly, a number that sounds a lot is 8 months, six to 12 months may be more accurate, though.

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SEO takes time

Even when for some people, 12 months might sound bad, but: why would you be so glass-half-empty?

Now, if you get to think about it, SEO gives immediate results to some extent. The first results you could see from the SEO performance are fresh content in the site, better organization and structure in general, good experience of the user in the site.

Of course, the majority of businesses are after something a little more significant, more tangible, measureable and profitable, like a prime spot on page one of major search engines.

Here you have some elements that can help you understand that SEO takes time, and somehow learn how much to “wait” during its performance.

1.   SEO audit is such an important element to account, and it takes some time to be done

An SEO Audit, for any website, is important for many reasons.

It provides a description of the current state of your website, the website’s performance in search in detail, social media movement, number of internal/external links, and any relevant information related to your page .

An audit to be sustainable and provide proper readings from its results should, first, follow a complete Internet marketing strategy in order to take advantage of all available sources, like traffic and opportunities on the Internet, and second, should be performed every six month to have points of comparisons and action plans, and then the number (12 months) sounds again.

An SEO audit is a process for evaluating the search engine friendliness of a website in a number of areas, its successful performance in SEO takes time too!

2.   The implementation of the SEO work, after its planning and organization, also takes some time to be done

A great and successful SEO performance carries a lot of tasks and elements to complete.

Just like a checklist in a supermarket when you would not go home happy if your purchase is not complete, just the same is the steps to be followed in SEO.

SEO takes time

To get the keywords and topics relevant to the web page, appropriate and relevant content, good experience of the users to your site, the website design, the control over amount of time the average user stays on the site, the geographic location indicators, the monitoring on the competition, social networking, new trends, these elements, all important for a successful SEO campaign take time.

So, as the time you use to complete these checks in your list, as the successful SEO campaign your site for sure will have.

3.   Google takes its time to recrawl all the site and their elements

Google experts and different marketers with wide experience in the field affirm that Google will crawl pages at definite intervals, looking for the page updates or if it has new additional content, all of these since the previous crawling and indexing by the bots of the same page.

The frequency of crawling just depends on the frequency of new content appearing in the site.

If there is a change in the content of the page after a while, the bots will discover it after a short while, and then they will refresh their index. Automatic variations and updates are all done with Google webmaster tools, you just have to monitor the changes and keep in mind that SEO takes time.

4.   Building links: such important element in SEO takes time to be done as it is scalably

As the liking profile is a very important element to consider during the SEO performance, its speed is as important as for it to be successful and not a total flop!

In terms of numbers , it may go more or less like 1 to 4 months to find a link building strategies, as well as prospect for potential sites to target, pulling all the content needed entice good linking all together.

Another month will take to give and receive feedback via email for other sites and clients and with all this process covered twice as much is the time it will have effect.

Do not panic! It takes some time to see the effect!

…and now you may think: “Cool! So, if I start link building now, I’ll see results in 10 weeks or sooner!”

Well, actually, no. It is only after a while when a page gets links on a legitimate link building campaign.

Steps and performance may vary in the amount of time, mainly based on the company doing the SEO and the resources being used.

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5.   SEO performance relies a lot in the investment done in it

Since it is evident for everyone that SEO takes time, and there is no legitimate way around that, it is then important to remember that SEO is not a one-and-done activity.

Anyone wanting to stay competitive in the market shouldn’t just stop because they’re starting to see results.

The minute a marketer stops on SEO performance, is the moment when competition outstands with their website. This all means people working on different SEO tasks, purchase of online important elements related to SEO, etc., and all of that translates into what? Good and solid investments.  


Since there are no shortcuts when it comes to SEO, the time and effort put into it is all worthy, we just need to keep in mind that due to the fact that SEO takes time, then to see results and to keep them is a continuous run over the path of success.

It definitely takes time and effort to see SEO delivering the results we expect, but once they are on the table and high rankings in Google are with our names in them, then we all might think that all the benefits worth more than the effort.

Asking how long SEO takes is just an incomplete question, to actually get a satisfactory answer you better see the ways to make that work sustainable and as you may probably be seeing some results within 4 to 8 months of hard work, continuous SEO performance is what actually pays off.

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