301 Redirects: Are They Good Or Bad For SEO?

HTTP 301 redirects… good, bad, so-so? It’s a fact that not all SEO practitioners follow the same rules, still most of us share and/or have access to mostly the same tools & methods to get a website ranked on Google.

The difference relies on how we use these tools and what we create with them.

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A 301 redirect coming from a valuable domain is a great SEO asset that most would like to add to their repertoire.


On the other hand, thousands of spammy 301 redirects coming from a hacked website is definitely something anyone would like to avoid.

As you can see, we can’t state that 301 redirects are inherently good or bad. The context in which it appears determine if a 301 redirect is in fact beneficial or possibly harmful.

The context in which it appears determine if a 301 redirect is in fact beneficial or possibly harmful. Share on X

What about spinned content & unrelated anchors?

Spinned content is a heavily used SEO technique often related with an aggressive black-hat SEO approach. However, we at CSEO prudently use the highest quality content spinner available on the market (WordAi Turing) to spare you the unnecessary costs of several dozen manually-written articles needed to fuel your Tier 2 links, and bear the cost of article writing for your most influential set of backlinks.

Unrelated anchors including bad or censored words (porn, casino, viagra, gore, illegal stuff, etc.) are definitely bad for your SEO and your business. On the other hand, having a strong and diverse set of anchor text in your backlink profile is an essential component to modern SEO.

An anchor text profile of exclusively target keywords isn’t recommended, as it doesn’t look natural in Google’s eyes. Moreover, this could be tagged as “over-optimization” and might eventually result in a penalization.

As one of our security measures to guarantee a Google-safe link building service, we randomly include generic/non-targeted keywords to all campaigns. This way, we properly diversify your anchor texts profile and avoid any possible over-optimization risk. We attempt to implement a 6:4 ratio of targeted:non-targeted anchor text distribution profile.

By generic keywords we mean non-targeted keywords, some examples are:

Naked URL:
  • www.yoururl.com
  • yoururl.com
  • http://yoururl.com…
Brand name variations:
  • YourURL
  • yoururl
Common words keywords:
  • click here
  • source
  • visit site…

Anchor text will make or break your SEO campaign. Use it right and you will dominate the SERPs. Use it wrong and it will be the death of your organic search traffic.

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