We’re the ones who turn your SEO goals into a reality. And we’ve got the results to back it up.

Grown from trust and responsibility

CSEO started out in the BHW marketplace in 2011. It was back in the heydays of backlink generators and AI conspiracies. It’s been 10 action-packed years of keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates, helping clients grow their business, getting out of the grey areas and committing to white hat SEO, forming an agency, and much much more.

Our value system is based on honesty, trust, and SEO results.

Giving you remote savings from abroad

Our team members are located all over the world. Since we don’t have to deal with overheads like office rental and electricity bills, we maintain exceptional quality service at a reasonable monthly cost.

No spammy articles and no dodgy backlinks, just friendly support that actually cares about you and your business.

“If your rankings don’t improve, we’re wasting your time—and ours.”

—Eduardo Carreras, CSEO Founder

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SEO For Local Business - Local Business SEO

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Get more customers through the door and into your business with local search on Google. Take center stage as a popular local establishment that people trust.

Meet the SEO guys and gals behind it all

Eduardo Carreras Guzmán, Fundador de CSEO

Eduardo Carreras

Founder & Senior SEO Manager

Eduardo is a visionary that works closely together with his clients, helping all of them unleash their full SEO potential.

With his deep knowledge in Digital Marketing and SEO, Eduardo plays a vital role in planning, organizing, directing and controlling all our SEO campaigns. He’s also responsible for conducting SEO consultations, keyword researches, on-page SEO optimizations, and much more.

Eduardo is a Graduate of Business Administration at Eastern University in Venezuela and holds 2 Master’s degrees in Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce from EAE Business School and King Juan Carlos University, both in Madrid, Spain, where he currently lives.

Jorge Sisco

Jorge Sisco

CTO & SEO Manager

Jorge is the self-made technology leader behind CSEO.

As the techie at CSEO, Jorge ensures that every process is up to the highest standards. He’s also in charge of all the off-page SEO activities, sending the monthly reports, setting up projects in Asana, and more.

Jorge is a Civil Engineer from Eastern University in Venezuela. He also holds a certification in Managerial Training Program at IESA, and several diplomas and certifications in Coding for Data Science and AI. He currently lives in Lechería, Venezuela.

Henry Ramos

Henry Ramos

Sr. Content Creator

Mr. Henry is the senior writer of the team.

With his vast knowledge as a Writing Skills Teacher, He’s our to-go guy for both regular and complex writing tasks. Henry works closely with Jorge to carry out off-page SEO tasks, and with Eduardo to write and publish posts in The CSEO Blog.

Mr. Henry is a Specialist in language and translation, with a major in English, from IUTSO  Venezuela. Likewise, he holds a TDI Certification from Pearson & University of New York, a TKT Certification from the University of Cambridge, and several other credentials. He also works at Inspired, an Educational Consulting firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Letticia Bandres

Letticia Bandrés

Content Creator

Letty is the creative writer of the team.

She uses her proficiencies in copywriting, blog writing and SEO to produce alluring content that’s used as fuel for building backlinks. Letty works closely with Jorge to carry out off-page SEO tasks.

Letty is a Civil Engineer from Eastern University in Venezuela. Being quadrilingual, she also works as a Language Assistant at Centre International D’études Pédagogiques in Paris, France.