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SEO company for local SEO and ecommerce SEO

Talk small business to small business with an SEO consultation

SEO for ecommerce businesses - Ecommerce SEO

SEO company for ecommerce business

Stop wasting money on expensive never-ending ad campaigns. SEO helps you rank consistently on Google, bringing in more sales and high-intent traffic.

SEO For Local Business - Local Business SEO

SEO company for local business

Get more customers through the door and into your business with local search on Google. Take center stage as a popular local establishment that people trust.

It’s tough to sift quality from quantity

SEO is one of the most confusing subjects on the internet. Advice ranges from “write tons of content” to “write super detailed 3000-word skyscraper posts” to“ put alt descriptions on your images”…

It gets complicated, and it gets complicated fast.

We answer your questions, explain the big ‘why’ behind your keyword strategy, and send reports that cut the jargon and get straight to the point—how your SEO improved this month.

Local SEO search results

Get solid results in a realistic timeframe

Let’s get real: SEO is a difficult thing to predict. It relies on a bunch of factors and Google regularly changes the rules. Here’s what our clients typically achieve in a given timeframe.


In 3 months

Strong positive movements in your rankings.


In 6 months

Get onto the first page of results.


In 9 months

Climb to the top 3 search results.


Book A Free 30-Minute Consult with Eduardo, CSEO Founder

We don’t like to waste anyone’s time. Not yours and not ours. Your call is more like a road mapping session than a basic audit you could do yourself using free tools.

Get answers to your burning questions, take notes, and map out a custom plan of action that matches your goals and budget.


Book a timeslot online


Hop on a free 30-min call with Eduardo


Get a quote & actionable advice

The CSEO RankUp Process

How we get you to the top of the search results.

Keyword Research SEO

1. Keyword Research

Includes buyer persona creation, competitor analysis and keyword selection.


2. On-Page SEO

Subtle but important changes to your website that tell Google what your business is all about.


3. Guest Blogging & PR

Rank with high quality 750+ word articles posted on sites with good Domain Authority.


4. Manual Link Building

Digital press release, posts on Quora, and diverse link placement on sites like Medium.


5. Social Media Signals

Comments about your site on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


6. Monthly Reports

A top-level view of your rankings, traffic, link acquisition and ongoing consultation.

Watch as the numbers roll in every month with reports and email support

Get a high-level report every month that details your improvements in ranking and traffic. If you have any questions, our team of experts is here to help (we have an average response rate of just 6 hours).

Follow up with monthly live calls as you need them.


If you need to discuss a particular challenge, book a free consultation by clicking here

How many keywords can I use?

The number of keywords ranges from 25 to unlimited depending on your plan and needs.

Will you show me the guest posts and other articles after submission?

Yes, we include links to all posts made on your behalf in the monthly report.

Do you write unique content for each blog post?

Yes! The CSEO content team is an awesome bunch of writers. They create high-quality articles optimized for SEO and never spin or plagiarize.

What kind of support does your SEO company provides?

CSEO SEO Company is available by email 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. We respond to help requests in one business day or less. If you feel you need a little more insight into your SEO campaign, you can set up a live call with Eduardo once a month for free.


Money-Back Guarantee

We truly care about your campaign. And we’re putting some skin in the game to prove it.

A lot of so-called experts out there are all talk and no results. CSEO operates on the basis of trust, respect, and good old-fashioned honor. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to keep you happy. If you ever think we’ve dropped the ball, we’ll give you a full refund for the month’s services.

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